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Expiry 25000 Days

Michael Kuzilny asks: We all have an expiry date - how many days do you have left?

For millions of people worldwide, daily life is a painful struggle.. "Expiry Date 25000 Days" is a handbook that reminds us all that life is a short and impermanent journey and that we should celebrate each day before it is too late.

In thoughtful and insightful language Michael gives you 25 powerful tips on how to turn negativity and depression into practices that create happiness and vibrancy in your everyday life.  These guiding principles will help you live life to the fullest, shrug off adversity, and become a happier, calmer and kinder person. And you just might end up more fun to be around as well.

As an ex-police officer Michael says saw more human blood that he thought was possible for one man to see in peace time. From fatal car accidents, to gruesome suicides and homicides Michael realized one day that none of those people who died realized it was their last day on the planet.

As human beings, we all go through Tough Times. In this handbook, Michael explains the ways in which everything usually turns out for our greatest benefit if we stay content, and surrender to the flow of the universe. This handbook contains powerful lessons on how to stop worrying so much, and to live a life of greater contentment and long-lasting success.

Whether you are struggling in your business life, your personal life, your family life or your love life, surrendering to fear and judgment will get you nowhere. Surrendering to the flow of the universe will get you everywhere. "Expiry Date 25000" is a hard hitting, practical guide on how to live every day of this brief journey called life with less fear and more joy.



About Michael

Michael Kuzilny is a successful Criminal Defence Lawyer, Author, TV presenter and success coach. He is the author of Success: You can make it. A former policeman, Kuzilny has worked in the criminal justice system for over 30 years.  He has dedicated his life to helping people through the tough times; and has a genuine passion to make a difference. He has shared his experiences and life lessons with millions of viewers on National TV, and has spoken in front of large audience in virtually every major industry.

Michael can be contacted anytime at for speaking engagements globally.


Mr. Kuzilny resides in Brighton, Victoria ~Australia.

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I hope these 25 powerful strategies will get you through the tough times, and give you a life of energy, power and excitement.  Wherever you are on this wonderful life journey; I honour and respect you.

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