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Michael Kuzilny, Lawyer, Author, TV Producer, Legal Expert
Award Winning, Radio, Television, Print Media, Speaker

Acclaimed Author Michael Kuzilny

Offers his expertise as a Superstar Lawyer, Insights to Life through the advetnures of being a Cop and much more.


For millions of people worldwide, daily life is a painful struggle.. "Expiry Date 25000 Days" is a handbook that reminds us all that life is a short and impermanent journey and that we should celebrate each day before it is too late. In thoughtful and insightful language Michael gives you 25 powerful tips on how to turn negativity and depression into practices that create happiness and vibrancy in your everyday life. These guiding principles will help you live life to the fullest, shrug off adversity, and become a happier, calmer and kinder person. And you just might end up more fun to be around as well.


Bitter & Twisted Cops & Crooks contains strange and shocking stories of his life as a law enforcer, revealing the glory and shame of the criminal justice system. Corrupt cops, murderers, prostitutes, filthy and corrupt cocaine snorting businessman, and many more characters feature in these fascinating real life stories.

Can you imagine if your world was filled with calm, happy people? How much more pleasant would that be for you? In Meditate or Go Crazy! Kuzilny encourages you to give the gift of stillness and a mind at peace to yourself and to those people closest to you. This is the shortest and simplest book you will ever find on meditation, and the great news is that it will make you happier, healthier, and younger. Transform your life: meditate, or go crazy! 

A chance remark from a colleague sent him to his local Buddhist center; where he says he began the most important journey of his life. In his new book “A la carte Buddhism” Michael encourages and inspires readers to find simple happiness not from materialism but from inner peace. He says that incorporating these simple principles in his life, has been a master psychology that changed his life.


Whether you are a law student, a lawyer employee, or run your own multi-million dollar law firm, this series has the power to boost your business and personal success in the game of law.


About Michael

Michael Kuzilny is a successful Australian based lawyer who has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986. He operates his own legal firm called MK LAW. He is a legal commentator on National television and current affairs, and is the host of his own TV show called “Tough Times Never Last”. Michael has been a long standing member of Toastmasters International. He thrives on inspiring people of all ages to achieve greater levels of business and personal success. Michael has been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Morning Show, ABC Radio, Radio 2UE, Radio 3AW and many other media networks and publications. Today Michael Kuzilny lives in Melbourne, Australia with his beautiful wife, and their children.

Michael can be contacted anytime at for speaking engagements globally.


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Wherever you are on this wonderful life journey; I honour and respect you.

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