Michael Kuzilny

Award Winning Lawyer
Best Selling Author
International Business Success Speaker

Michael Kuzilny

Award Winning Lawyer
Best Selling Author
International Business Success Speaker

Michael Kuzilny


International Business Motivational Speaker

Michael Kuzilny is a best selling author, one of Australia's leading defence lawyers and the winner of the 2018 & 2019 ACQ5 Global awards for the best law firm in Australia.

MK is a highly sought after international speaker and has won awards for Best Male Television Presenter in Australia. He is a trusted legal expert in the national media on a regular basis.

Michael Kuzilny has been a celebrity lawyer to the stars; and has worked as an on-air personality on Australia's most popular morning show "Sunrise" for many years.

He has also hosted his own award-winning television shows on community TV and on Foxtel Australia.

Michael is a published author and is part of the NEW HOLLAND team; his books are available worldwide.

MK has studied the systems of successful business globally for over 25 years; and is now ready to pass them onto you to maximize your business and every part of your life!

Michael's life goal is to inspire, to maximize profits and happiness, and to massively push business out of their comfort zone to break new records and achieve lasting success. At the same time Michael is a strong advocate and teacher of mindful meditation; and says we need a healthy balance; a calm mind creates a happy life, and a turbulent creates an unhappy life!

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Mentor To Business Owners Globally

From his 30-year journey in the criminal justice system; MK will show you how to take massive and powerful action to:

  • Massively increase business profits.
  • Marketing secrets to make your business stand out from the crowd.
  • To permanently eliminate fear out of your life.
  • To give your team rock solid confidence & courage.
  • MK will teach your staff to get through their personal tough times & life challenges.
  • Increased joy & happiness (through mindful meditation)
  • To make you and your staff superstar speakers. (both in front of an audience, to the media and on the phone.)
  • To develop a superior attitude – every single day!

"Hi, I'm Michael Kuzilny. I promise you I will make your business change; I will make your staff change, I will make your life change or at least much better. I am an expert at creating change, whether in a court of law, or in a major business venture. I have achieved winning results for over 3 decades in creating powerful and positive change!

Having spent more than 35 years in the criminal justice system and having been a successful business owner for over 25 years, I have come to the conclusion that life is tough, business is tough, relationships are tough!

Your business can grow, or it can die. Your relationships can grow, or they can die. Its' time to stop being average! I give you my commitment I will do whatever it takes to boldly and aggressively give you personalized strategies for your business, to turn your business into a global business empire, no matter how well your business is going. You can do better! Believe me; there is room for massive improvement."

- Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny outside court

I will show you the systems and tools to elevate you and your business into the top 3 per cent. I want to motivate you that you and your staff will start to become happy, progressive, and excited about every area of their lives.

The benchmarks and marketing strategies for businesses around the globe have changed and are constantly changing.

MK will show you and your winning team to stand out from the rest, to create a world class business.






If you are a business CEO, are a business owner or manage a team; Michael Kuzilny will be a positive investment in your company. I look forward to hearing from you and growing our friendship and business association.


Michael Kuzilny
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Tough Times Never Last

Are you going through Tough Times? Do you need some inspiration?

Join high profile criminal lawyer Michael Kuzilny on 'Tough Times Never Last' featuring guests from all walks of life that have battled extreme adversity. Through their stories of criminal mistakes, personal struggles and professional failures, Michael aims to inspire viewers around the world to live happy and successful lives.

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In The Media

As one of Australia's leading defence lawyers, Michael has been a lawyer in many high-profile cases. He has also appeared as a trusted legal expert on Australia's most popular morning show, Sunrise, for many years.

Michael Kuzilny interviews Ally Fowler
Michael Kuzilny interviews Nicky Whelan
Michael Kuzilny interviews Anthony Mundine
Michael Kuzilny interviews Sam Newman
Michael Kuzilny interviews Max Markson
CH7 Sunrise Facing Court
Tziporah Malkah reveals her dire financial woes
Sunrise - Finders not always keepers
Roy Padmore Pensioner stabbed during cannabis deal gone wrong apologises for elaborate lie

Split Second

The dark secrets of a cop turned criminal defence lawyer

Michael Kuzilny's latest gripping book "SPLIT SECOND" is now available at all good bookstores or online. NEW HOLLAND PUBLISHERS AUSTRALIA. orders@newholland.com.au

In SPLIT SECOND Michael shares his 30 year journey in the criminal justice system. He authentically reflects on stories of gangs, drugs, police corruption, and how he got through his own tough times. This has to be one of the most real, exciting and authentic true crime books available on the market today. Michael tells it the way it was and how it is now; the good, the bad and the ugly.

“A Fascinating Read From Australia's Favourite Legal Eagle.”

- Max Markson (Australia's Leading Celebrity Agent)

“Mk's A Real Mensch, It's A Terrific Read.”

- Tziporah Malkah (Celebrity / Actress / Former Model)

Books by Michael Kuzilny

Author Michael Kuzilny is a successful Australian based lawyer who has been working in the criminal justice system since 1986. He operates his own legal firm called MK LAW. He is a published author of numerous books.

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Michael Kuzilny
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